I met Chris, the owner of Champ Contractors, through a high school friend

( word of mouth rocks! ). He was a small, basically one man operation, doing great contracting and handy-man work through the community for many many years.

He is a no nonsense  hard working and honest guy who had interest in moving his business forward. I needed my roof coated and I thought no better way to find out about his business than to use his services first hand. Well, he did an awesome job, stopped the small leak I had and gave me information on how to continue to protect my roof for the future.


I found out that he was a professional boxer from 1986 to 1992 and I am an avid boxing fan! So, with all that I knew of him and his business, I set out to brand his company. Since boxing and the discipline it takes to compete at a high level, was a part of him and his business, I wanted to incorporate that into his logo design.


Ultimately, I came up with the logo that expressed his championship heart and the feeling that having someone like that in your home making improvements is comforting. Chris was very pleased. Next, I designed the all important business card. Additionally, I came up with two flyer designs to get this new brand out into the community. A simple clean website to give him a web presence and finally some apparel designs for his winter hoodies.


Check out his website @

A small independent Graphic Design studio in the Tri-State area that likes to work with start-up and small businesses and help them invest in their brands in the marketplace. 


Pennsylvania 19438


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